Free Credit Workshop 

This is a free 2-hour educational workshop that will provide you an opportunity to learn the basics of how the credit system functions. You will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding your personal situation. You will also receive informational materials that will provide you with a better understanding credit management

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 Credit Management Class

This highly sought after class has been attended by thousands of consumers and professionals. This is a six-hour intensive and in-dept class designed to educate consumers, real estate agents, college students, mortgage professionals, or anyone who has a desire to learn the credit reporting system. During this class attendees receive interactive training on all aspects of the credit reporting system and how to properly function within the system.

Attendees learn how to read and interpute credit reports, how to anaylaze credit reports, how to re-establish credit, how to deal with creditors and collectors, how to properly negotiate with collectors and lenders, how to legally get negative items "permantely" removed from credit reports, and much more. This class is worth its weight in gold and is a must have for managing credit.

After attending this class each attendee recive six-months unlimited mentoring at no additional charge.

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 Free Real Estate Investing Workshop

This two-hour educational workshop is designed to introduce individuals to residential real estate investing before they take the "dive" into this money-making industry. Attendees will learn the basics of what is required to become a real estate investor starting with little or no money or credit, how to locate properties, how to analyze properties, how to get financing for properties, and much more..

Real Estate Investing