Trevon Sundiata Ferguson, a (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago), native, is a man from a path that many have known but few have walked. His life reflects the power of hope even when facing the most rigorous of mountains.

Being raised by the woman he calls his grandmother or more affectionately “mama” and having seen everything from losing his mother to Multiple Sclerosis to battling with disease himself, Sundiata learned very quickly how important it is living your life with a purpose. Over the years, Sundiata has been dedicated to being educated and certified in many different health and holistic wellness fields. Also having served in the US Army, traveling throughout the world, and growing exponentially along the way he gained an invaluable love for knowledge, information and truth about the parts of the world that he has seen. Whether you’re listening to

Sundiata on stage, on DVD, or reading his words in a book it is guaranteed that you’ll have a better understanding of the urgent

magnitude that having hope and living with purpose has on the quality of your life. “Your name is what people call you, Your purpose is what God Calls You!”