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Our "Credit Mentoring Program" is designed to help consumers get on the right financial track. And the way  to get started is knowing and understanding your overall financial position This program is our way of introducing you to our company, and our way of helping you enhance your financial position by taking a hands-on approach and guiding you through the overall process of credit and debt management via hands-on coaching and mentoring.

By using dated technologies, we provide you with top-notched services.

We will get you on the right track to better credit and personal finances. And you don't have to spend thousands of dollars!

                      Favorable Results

$ 380.00 USD


  • One debt reduction plan
  • One financial assessment
  • One customized budget
  • One credit and debt analyses
  • Limited access to our on-line resources
  • Unlimited credit & debt counseling & mentoring
  • Financial tools and resource
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  • REGULAR PRICE $420. Save $80.00 when you pay the full amount up-front.
Monthly Payments
Number of payments 4
1At checkout $210.00 USD
2after 1 month $70.00 USD
3after 2 months $70.00 USD
4after 3 months $70.00 USD
Total $420.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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