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Ray Williams might have been the most unlikely person to wind up working as a financial strategist, educator and mentor. Why? because Ray was a typical consumer, working just to earn a basic living with no thought of a financial future— and far removed from the world of helping others become financially independent.

For Ray, the path from a job to where he is today was a long but meaningful journey. While employed as a mortgage loan officer for several well-respected companies. While helping clients make decesion on all phases of their finances, he realized how so many families, marriages, and children were being affected by credit and money issues. Ray felt helpless as he witness many consumers become frustrated because they could not get ahead financially because of their financial problems. Ray knew things needed to change. That’s when he decided to start a busines that could help people get control of their financial lives, and his career found a new direction. Today he spreads his message of financial hope through financial literacy to consumers across the nation. An engaging and exciting speaker, Ray is a specialist in subjects like personal finance, mortgages, credit & debt management, and real estate investing.

To promote financial literacy, Ray speaks at high schools, colleges, and businesses; and conducts on-site training sessions. Ray also works with individuals and small to mid-size businesses to help them develop financial strategies to build personal wealth and secure their financial future.


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Business, Improvement, Customer , Finance & Insurance, Communication, Corporate Trainings, Customer Service, Diversity, Employee Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Business Relationships, Sales, Time Management


Branding, Marketing, Networking, Strategy, Technology and Marketing, Business Trends

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Leadership Training, Leading Through Influence, Personal Branding


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Cash Flow Management, Generational Wealth, Economy & Investment, Personal Finance, Wealth Development, Generational Poverty

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Health & Wellness, Life Balance, Enjoying Life, Time Management


Self-education, Life Education, Continueous Education, Financial Education

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