Greenway Capital Management

Cure your credit and debt problems!

$ 49.00 USD

Now is the time for you to start solving your credit and debt problems!

By taking advantage of our six month trial offer, you will be able to see how and why you should  "NEVER" spend money on a Credit Repair or Debt Consolidation company.

This is the "best" system for anyone who want to cure their credit and financial problems. We offer an easy and stressless way for consumers to solve credit and financial problems without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, or the fear of being scammed!

Via education and mentoring, we will show you how to:

  • legally get deragatory, illegal, and outdated information removed from credit files
  • how to stop bill collectors from contacting you
  • how to potentially increase your credit scores by 80 or more points in 4 months or less.
  • how to properly management your debts on your own

You will receive:

  1. 30 minutes of telephone counseling monthly
  2. A copy of our complete credit training manual
  3. Unlimited on-line counseling and mentoring
  4. Computerized credit and debt management tools and resources

And, if you decide to enroll in our "Annual" program, we will show you how to potentially earn $500 to $2,500 monthly working on your own, without any additional out-of-pocket costs.

Upon enrollng in our annual program, we will deduct the cost of our Trial Program from the annual price.

For additional informantion email

 add $4.35 for shipping & handling

Texas residents add 8.25% for sales taxes.

Education is power. Purchase any of our publications and get the "POWER" of having a financial education. 

How To Make Money Wholesaling Real Estate

$ 45.00 USD

If you have a desire to make extra money in the real estate industry without investing any of your money or using your credit, this is it!

Wholeselling real estate is one of the fastest way to make money in real estate without buying or owning properties. Wholeselling is a simple and easy way to make an extra $3,000-$6,000 monthly parttime.

This guide will take you steo-by-step through the process and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Includes wholesale contracts, property anaylses tool, property evalutation tool, and six-hours on-line training.

This is an excellent way for anybody to earn additional income working in their spartime.


U's Guide To Investing In Real Estate

$ 79.00 USD

This a complete real estate investment training course.

Lean how you can invest in residential real estate starting with bad credit, no money, and no job!

Yes, it is possible to make thousands of dollars in real estate starting with little or nothing. And you can do it without investing hundreds or thousands of dollars up-front.

U's Guide To Investing In Real Estate was designed to help individuals get started in the real estate investing industry without risking their hard-earned money.

Written by a real estate professional with over 22 years experience in the mortgage and real estate investing industry, this guide is packed with everything required to get you on the right track.

Includes; sample purchase contracts, lease agreements, wholesale contracts and agreements, pre-purchase anaylses tools, property evaluation tools, cash-on-cash evaluation tool, return-on-investment tool, and six-hours of on-line training. This is the "IDEAL" starter kit for new-comers that want to avoid losing their money and increase their chances for success.

No additional courses are required. Once you get your basic education, you will want to continue learning and investing in yourself. 

Includes 12 months of online live mentoring and training by a professional real estate investor.

Retail value $585.00

Earn $5,000 or more monthly part-time teaching credit management Classes

Micro classes (workshops) are specialized short classes/workshops that are taught to small groups of people. Classes range anywhere from three-hours to three days. Micro-classes are designed to provide individuals with information and education in certain subjects, i.e., starting a business, real estate investing, dancing, etc.,

Most people only want to acquire general knowledge in "specific" subjects and don't want, or have a desire to attend traditional schools that may take weeks or months to complete.

The benefit of micro-classes is to cut the fat and get to the meat.

Example: Instead of spending 6-8 weeks leaning general information, consumers can attend a one-day class and save time and money, compared to the cost of attending traditional school.

Greenway Capital Management has been conducting "micro-classes for over four years and taught hundreds of consumers using various curriculums. Based on our successes, we have put together a system that anyone, regardless of experience can teach our micro-classes and earn as much as $10,000 monthly in personal income part-time!

Based on our own business model, we designed a turn-key Credit & Debt Management training program that allow individuals to conduct classes in their spare-time and earn fulltime income. 

No teaching, business, or educational experience required.

In less-than 90 days, you can potentially generate $5,000 to $13,000 in monthly income. In fact, you can double or triple these amounts, working less-than 40 hours per month!

Greenway Capital Management is the only company currently offering this lucrative opportunity that has the potential to put individuals on the road to earning a great income in just a few months.

How much you earn is up to you. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, because we provide you everything required to succeed.

We provide:

  • Complete training and mentoring
  • On-going support
  • Complete business system
  • Training materials and resources
  • 100% Risk-free opportunity
  • Protected territory(s)
  • On-site training at our Texas facility

Currently, there are over 10 millions consumers across America that is in need of this service. These are consumers that have or have had credit or debt problems. You will be able to teach these individuals how to overcome problems associated with bad credit and debts using your newly acquired knowledge, and our proven system.

If this sounds like a business opportunity for you, please contact us for complete details. Contact us

NOTE: A total up-front investment of $7,900 is required. Financing is available, regardless of credit.

NO FRANCHISE, LICENSING, or OTHER FEES REQUIRED. For complete details call 1 888-317-6497, or email,

We only allow a minimum number of participants. Training sessions are held four times annually. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to the success of each of our educational partners, therefore, we stand by our program 100%. We are committed to engage with each of our partners to insure their success. We are committed to work with each of our partners from day one, doing whatever is necessary and required to help them meet or exceed their designated goal and objectives.

At the heart of Greenway Capital Management is a very clear and principled code of conduct – one we live by every day. We operate under a genuine value system—our pledge—that demonstrates integrity, respect, ethical behavior, perspective and honesty as a foundation for everything we do. 

A key part of fulfilling our commitment to our value partners is by engaging with each and every partner in a significant and positive manner every step along the way.