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Greenway Capital Management provides a platform of professional services that are designed to help consumers increase their financial position by providing financial information, education and training, and mentoring. Our primary focus is on credit management, debt management, budgeting, money management, and income creation.

Credit Management - We provide hands-on education and mentoring services that's designed to help individuals regain positive credit standing. This entails educating and providing consumers with strategies and techniques that can be applied in order to obtain credit scores or credit positioning that is favorable to creditors. Click here for a Free copy of our credit educational guide.

Debt Management - This service is designed to help consumer overcome the burden of debt-overload. We provide interactive education and mentoring that help consumer get control of and reduce their debts by using proven financial strategies that can be applied over-time in order to obtain manageable debt loads.

Budgeting - We provide easy-to-understand budget education and mentoring that's designed to help individuals manage their money in ways that are cost-effective and real. We provide customized budgets to fit each individual's needs. Click here for a Free copy of our budget informational report.

Money Management - We provide individuals with information, education and mentoring that is required in order for them to effectively management their, cash-flow, personal taxes, mortgage payments, automobile payments, credit card payments, and utility payments.

Real Estate Investing - We provide two-days (16 hours)  of intense training that introduces novice individuals to the residential real estate investing industry. This class is designed to teach individuals how to enter the real estate investing industry with the confidence and  knowledge required in order to avoid costly mistakes and errors. Attendees will learn how to purchase properties with no money or credit, how to price properties, how to finance properties, how to evaluate properties, and much more. Click here for a copy of our Real Estate Investing booklet.

We also provide advance real estate investing training and mentoring that is designed to assure you become a successful real investor.

Foreclosure Prevention & Mortgage Modifications

Specializing in delinquent loans, we take pride in assisting borrowers whose loans are in default keep their homes. Our Loan Resolution Specialists has the capabilities to deal with Loan servicers on behalf of borrowers and negotiate arrangements that allow homeowners to get their mortgages reduced and keep their homes.

Our loan resolution specialists are highly experienced in dealing with servicers and lenders and know what it takes to get favorable results. We go to bat for consumers, working with lenders and servicers to head off foreclosures before it’s too late. Lenders and investors are, in many cases, as eager as borrowers to avoid foreclosures as the wave of mortgage defaults threatens their survival. By working with loan servicers who are inundated with defaults to come up with payment plans or other viable solutions that are acceptable, Greenway Capital Management is able to help borrowers who desperately want to stay in their homes. Click here to watch our Loan Modification presentation.

Financial Evaluation - We provide individuals with a complete credit and financial assessment that includes a summary of their credit and financial position. This is the ideal way to learn where you are, and where you need to go. This is the first step to take when trying to get your personal finances in order. 

Income Creation - We provide individuals with education, information, and mentoring on various methodologies that can be used to "Legitimately" earn additional income.

Business Loan PackagingWe have established relationships with several lenders that provide loans to businesses that are credit and financially challenged. These lenders are not interested in credit scores, they are interested in the business owner's ability to generate cash flow that will repay the loan. In fact, some of our lenders specialize in making small loans in the amount of $1,000 to $300,000 to small businesses.

Greenway Capital Management will put you a loan package together and get it in front of lender(s) that want to do business with start-up and expanding businesses that can not get approved by banks. 

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Credit Education Program

$ 420.00 USD

Before you spend thousands of dollars trying to solve your credit or financial problems, take advantage of our "Trial Program and see for yourself, how we can help you easily solve your credit or financial problems for a fraction of the nominal cost.


  • One credit and debt evaluation.
  • 12 months unlimited questions and answers via email.
  • One 30 minute telephone consultation per month for 12 months.
  • One FREE hard copy of our credit training manual (PFD)

we will also show you how to potentially earn $500 to $1,500 monthly working on your own, without any additional out-of-pocket costs.

Total value $1,025.00

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