Greenway Capital Management

Greenway Capital Management is the only company in the consumer finance industry that provides individuals an opportunity to earn an income while getting their personal finances in order.

In adddition to being dedicated to helping consumers get their personal finances in order, we are also dedicated to helping consumers increase their personal income by paying them genereous referral fees.

Our Referral program is simple and easy. All you do is tell other people about our great services and when they sign-up for our program we pay you $100; in fact, we will pay you an additional $35 if that person refers someone who also sign-up for our program.

Example: You refer a friend and that friend refer a friend, you will earn $135 total. So, if you refer five people and those five people refer one person each, you will earn $675! Assuming you do the samething weekly you will earn $2,700 monthly working part-time.

The BEST part is, we will teach you how to easily get as-many-as ten or more referrals weekly that will get at least five referrals (50) weekly, which will equate to an income of approximately $2,750 weekly! And you will be doing this while getting your credit and personal finances in order.

Currently their are millions of consumers that need to get their credit and personal finances in order, and many of them need and would like to earn additional income.

This is a "Referral Progrma," therefore no experience is required, no computer required, no investment required, no office required and there is no risk because everyone who joins our program receives all of our benefits at no additional cost.







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