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This is a self-grading test

Grading for questions with 1-5 answers:

1 Poor  2 Fair  3 Good  4 Very Good  5 Excellent.

5 points for Yes, 3 points for No, and 1 point for NA.

90-100 Above Average. You are RARE!

76-89 Average. You need to focus on some other areas of your financial knowledge.

60-75 Below Average. Click here, You need to increase your overall financial knowledge.

0-59 Financially illiterate. Click here to get a financial mentor.              

Financial Literacy Test

Are you buying a home?

Do you know How much equity is in your home?

Do you own rental properties?

Do you know the replacement value of your home?

Do you use a budget to track your spending?

Do you understand effects of Interest Rates?

Do you understand insurance deductibles?

Do you read and understand financial contracts before signing them?

Do you know and understand what a 401(k) is?

Do you have a 401(k) plan?

If you have a 401(k) or other retirement plan, do you know how much you pay in fees?

Do you have a Debt Reduction Plan?

Do you check your credit reports at least once annually?

Do you have a Will?

Do you know what Passive Income is?

Recommended Reading List

The following books are some of our favorites for enhancing financial knowledge and building wealth.

Click here to see where your State ranks when it comes to financial literacy.