Teach and Grow Rich!

Become a Greenway Capital Management

Certified Credit and Debt Management Educator

 Greenway Capital Management's Credit & Debt Management Certification Program helps individuals acquire the expertise, credibility, and self-assurance necessary in order to teach credit and debt management classes. As a GCM approved educator, you will experience the fulfillment and enjoyment of teaching consumers how to overcome credit and debt problems, and help them reduce stress and save thousands of dollars.

In order to reach and help thousands of consumers struggling with credit and debt problems, GCM’s strategy is to train and deploy certified credit and debt management educators in communities across America. Credit and debt management education requires specialized expertise in order to be effective; educators directly influence both short-term outcomes and long-term impact on consumers’ financial well-being. GCM’s credit and debt management education program is essential to the overall financial literacy movement. That is why we have made it our mission to train and mobilize qualified instructors.

 Greenway Capital Management’s Credit & Debt Management Certification Program will teach you the skills required to be a professional credit and debt management educator. You will develop the professional skills and techniques that will motivate, engage, educate, and move consumers to take positive action to resolve their credit and debt problems on their own.

 Educators Standards

GCM’s Credit and Debt Management Certification Program meets standards for the highest academic rigor. Graduates will take their place among highly qualified credit and debt management educators, with the ability to teach essential credit and debt management concepts effectively.

 GCM coursework has been tested and proven to be an effective way to help consumers overcome credit and debt problems. It has been proven that an educated consumer is a better consumer. The framework for teaching credit and debt management is a research-based set of components aligned with Greenway Capital Management’s standards and grounded in a constructive view of learning and teaching.

This Framework breaks down teaching into components recognized as best practices in the industry. GCM clearly define the knowledge, performance expectations, and skill sets in which credit and debt management educators should demonstrate competency.

As a Credit and Debt Management certified instructor, you will acquire the skills that will enable you to earn a six-figure income, working part-time hours.

Anyone Can Do It… We will show you how to be one of the “best” instructors in the industry.


  • 100% Risk-Free!
  • Franchise fees
  • Office required
  • Staff required
  • Royalties to pay
  • Inventory required
  • Licensing required
  • Experience required


   We offer:

  • Low startup cost

  • Protected territory

  • Unlimited support

  • Quick startup (30 days or less)

  • Proven and guaranteed system

  • Complete training and mentoring

  • An opportunity to earn six figures

  • Three days of Live classroom training

  • An opportunity to work from your home

    This is a turnkey business system. All you need is a desire to succeed. 

    If you are passionate about teaching and helping others, then you can help thousands of consumers in your area, and earn over $60,000 annually working part-time from your home.

     Because of protected territories, there are limited opportunities available. 

    How it works

     After enrolling in our program, you will be scheduled to attend our classroom training session. Classes are held eight hours daily from 8:30am to 5:30pm, (Friday-Sunday) with one hour for lunch. A maximum of twenty-five students are allowed in each class, and a minimum of ten per class.

     After completing our training, you will be assigned a “protected territory” within a five-hundred mile radius of your home base, with an option to secure a larger area if available. Once you have your certification and assigned area, you are ready to start making money! The exciting thing about this business is you can start making money in just a few weeks. All you have to do is apply the marketing and pricing strategies that we teach you, and you will be on your way to generating $15,000 or more in monthly revenues!

     Your job is to market and teach classes, we will do the rest. We provide all the mentoring and counseling to individuals that complete the course. Therefore, you only need to focus your time and efforts on becoming a professional credit and debt management instructor.  

     How much can you earn?

    How much you earn is up to you. Based on our minimum recommendations, one class will generate $4,450.00 in revenues!  

    How much do I charge?

    Since you are self-employed, you can charge whatever you like. First, you must understand the consequences. If your prices are too low, your profits will be lower; on the other hand, if your prices are too high, your sales will be lower. Currently, we are “recommending” prices be set between $375 and $445. Our research show a high number of credit repair services and debt management companies charge between $600 and $1,400 or more and provide low quality services that are ineffective.

    What about expenses?

    Generally, expenses will include the cost of a small meeting room that will seat 10-30 people. Prices will vary, most hotels charge between $250 - $400 per day. Advertising expenses will vary based on your methods and the number of participants you are trying to enroll. Expect to pay between $200 and $400 to enroll 10-30 students, and approximately $25.00 per person for training manuals. Your goal should be to minimize expenses. You decide how much to pay yourself. We recommend you pay yourself per student. Example, $150.00 per student in a class of 10 will be $1,500.00 income. We recommend paying yourself between $25 and $150 per student. The smaller the class, the higher the pay per student, therefore, if you conduct a class of 20 students and pay yourself $100 per student, you will earn $2,000 for one class! Do this three times a month and your personal income is $8,000 working less than 40 hours per month! The remaining money is profits! 

    What about training materials?

    To make sure you are using the proper training materials, we require that “all” training materials be purchased from us. This will ensure that all instructors are uniformed and teaching dated materials. You are not required to carry an inventory of training material, thou you can if you would like to.

    Greenway Capital Management is responsible for updating and distributing all training resources, freeing up your time to focus on marketing and teaching. Enrolling students at least 10 days prior to class will allow you time to collect payments before ordering any materials from us. Therefore, you only order what you need.

     What about support?

    Greenway Capital Management provides on-going mentoring and support. Early on, we know you will be confronted with questions or comments that you may not be able to address. That is why we provide you with real-time support via email and telephone seven day a week. Therefore, if you are conducting a Sunday class, you get a question, and you do not have the answer, just call, or email our support center.

     What about competition?

    Currently, there are no other companies that offer a business like ours. We are the only company that specializes in educating and mentoring consumers in proper credit and debt management, while allowing them to earn income. Other companies provide “credit repair” services that are misleading, non-educational, and ineffective. 

    What make this program different?

    The primary difference in our program is we target consumers who want education and understanding, rather than quick fixes. Consumers understand that a small investment in their education will pay off for many years, in addition, consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that provides mentoring and support when trying to solve financial problems. In addition to education, consumers can earn income via referrals.

    How does the referral program work?

    GCM designed a win-win program. What this mean is that all parties involved in our program wins; consumers win because they receive the added-value of a great financial education that will last forever, they can recuperate the cost of the class via referrals, thereby getting the program free, and we win because we are able help thousands of consumers solve credit and debt problems.

    When consumers complete a class the instructor gives each student twenty-five referral cards each with the student’s inserted name on the cards. When a potential student inquires about the class the instructor will ask if they have a referral card, if yes and the consumer sign-up for a class, the instructor tell them to bring the referral card to class and receive a 10% discount. The instructor will collect the referral card and pay the referring student an agreed on referral fee.

Greenway Capital Management's mission is to reach and educate consumers across America, and the most efficient way is for us to "partner" with individual who have an interest in helping consumers improve their personal financial situation. People like you, who can spread the knowledge and power of being financially literate.

How much does the program cost?

The total cost to enroll in this income producing program is only $7,900. This covers:

  •    Three-days of on-site training in Fort Worth, TX
  •    Training materials
  •    Pre-designed marketing materials
  •    Customized recordkeeping and accounting system for you business
  •    Unlimited on-line and telephone support

   You will be responsible for all expenses associated with attending the training, i.e., travel, lodging, meals.

Is financing available?

Yes. With 50% down, we will finance the balance for six months with no interest.

If you believe this is for you, and you truly have a desire to get involved in this fast growing industry, please contact us.