The position in-which you are applying is not in the capacity of an employee. As an Independent Contractor you are considered “SELF-EMPLOYEED.” Therefore, you are not required to work under the supervision of Greenway Capital Management’s staff. You are responsible for purchasing any tools, equipment, and paying all related expenses required to perform the duties you have agreed upon.

Greenway Capital Management compensation is based on “Commissioned Sales” as stated in the Compensation Agreement. Greenway Capital Management DOES NOT withhold any funds for Federal, FICA, Social Security, or State taxes. Nor do we offer or provide any benefits, i.e., health insurance, dental plans etc. All compensations are reported to the Internal Revenues Services (IRS). Greenway Capital Management will provide all contractors with a Form 1099-MISC (nonemployee compensation).


Completing this application or a personal interview does not constitute an acceptance or offer of any positions. If selected, all Independent Contractors must complete and sign an Independent Contractor Agreement.

NOTE: All initial interviews will be conducted by telephone.

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