About Us

Greenway Capital Management a company that specializes in providing holistic personal financial education, mentoring, and income opportunitieto consumers and small businesses.

We specialize in providing educating and mentoring consumers and businesses on how to effectively manage their personal and business finances. Benefits includes:

  • Credit and Debt Management.
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Pre-purchase planning for automobiles, auto insurance, real estate, and other consumer products and services.
  • Small business counseling, education, and mentoring.
  • Personal Financial Management ,with an emphasis on money management.

Our services are geared to consumers that have a desire to learn how to manage their personal finances in an efficient manner that will enable them to reduce debts, increase credit scores, save money, and build personal wealth.

Why we exist

In 2008 at the beginning of the real estate crisis, Ray Williams President/Founder of Greenway Capital Management, started the company after witnessing many homeowners needlessly lose their homes, filing unnecessary bankruptcies, being ripped-off by credit repair companies, and many other unwarranted  acts. Ray realized that consumers needed an ally that could provide proper assistance when facing financial crisis. Through diligent work and using his years of experience in the mortgage and personal finance industries, Ray developed a system that helps consumers solve financial issues with ease and efficiency. Soon after successfully solving many foreclosure cases, Ray realized the impact the company could have for consumers who needed help solving other critical financial problems.

Ray had a heart-felt obligation to create a service that provided an affordable, efficient and effective way for consumers to solve credit problems, mortgage problems, and other financial problems without hassle. Henceforth, a program that combines education, coaching, and mentoring to consumers for a "flat fee". Ray's passion is to ultimately educate and mentor consumers, and help reduce financial illiteracy.

Our Services

The Rules of Financial Success

"Learn the rules for financial success and you will understand what is required to become financially successful. Financial success is an individual determination, therefore, you first must determine what level of success you are seeking."

Ray Williams Jr. - Author

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